Osmaniye is an important province in terms of underground and aboveground resources. There are no problems in electricity generation and agricultural irrigation due to to the rivers and dam lakes.

The total installed power of the hydroelectric power plants in Osmaniye is 815,44MW. Among these power plants, Aslantaş and Berke Dams are on the Ceyhan River. Total installed power of Aslantaş (138MW) and Berke Dam (510MW) is 648MW.

Osmaniye has a very advantageous position in terms of renewable energy sources due to the length of sunshine duration and wind energy potential. Wind power plants in Osmaniye have been actively operating since 2009.

In our country, the Mediterranean Region ranks second after Southeastern Anatolia in terms of solar energy potential. It is seen that the solar radiation value of Osmaniye province is between 1650 - 1900 kWs / m2 / year in general. Turkey's total annual average sunshine time of 2,640 hours / year, while the daily average of 7.2 hours. Osmaniye total annual average sunshine time of 2861 hours / year and the average daily duration of sunshine in Osmaniye, Turkey is above the average of 7.8 hours

With the investment in wind power, Turkey has reached installed capacity of 7.369,35MW. Osmaniye has 265,3MW power, which is 3.6% of Turkey’s production. 37% of the province's 718 MW potential has been invested.

Osmaniye generates %1,43 of Electricity Generation in Turkey.

  • 4 Wind Power Plants - Annual power generation capacity 265,3 MW
  • 16 Hydro Electric Power Plant - Annual power generation capacity 815,44 MW
  • 2 Solar Electric Power Plant - Annual production capacity 4,10 MW
  • 1 Biogas Plant - Annual production capacity 3,12 MW

Licensed and Unlicensed Total Installed Power 1,136,29 MW. 1.25% of the country's total power is generated in Osmaniye.


  • 2. in TURKEY at industrial electricity consumption per person (TÜİK, 2018)
  • 3. in TURKEY at electricity consumption per person (TÜİK, 2018)

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