Karatepe Rugs

World-famous Karatepe rugs in Karatepe Village in Kadirli county in Osmaniye are woven using natural wool and madder. The use of these rugs has been increasing in recent years for decorative purposes at homes and businesses.

Toprakkale Castle, Hemite (Amuda) Castle, Kaypak (Savranda) Castle, Çardak Castle, Karafenk Castle, Babaoglan Castle, -Olukbasi- Ürün Plateaus, Sumbas-Bağdaş Plateau, Kadirli-Maksutoğlu, Beyoğlu-Savrungözü-Dokurcun and Çığşar Plateaus, Hasanbeyli-Almanpınarı Plateau, Kırmıtlı Bird Paradise are other major tourism values. Amanos Mountains and Toros Mountains have great endemic plant diversity with their flora and fauna. Almost all Mediterranean plants are grown in Osmaniye, where Mediterranean climate prevails. Forests and scrub covers about 42% of province stand out with rich flora. Some plants, which are not found anywhere else in the world (Krokos, Cukurova Orchid, Cukurova violet) grow only in this region. Suitability of natural flora allows cultivation of medicinal aromatic plants.

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