Kadirli Ala Mosque

It was a Roman temple before it was converted into a Christian Basilica in the Byzantine Period and it was converted into a mosque in 1489 after the conquest by the Turks.

The Basilica, which exhibits Syrian influence, was converted into a church in the 12th century, by making use of apse, and in 1489 into a mosque by the Ruler of Dulkadirogulları, Alaüddevle, through the addition of a minaret and a shrine. There are burial vaults, belonging to the Byzantine Period at the basement of Kadirli Ala Mosque, which was an important religious building in Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Periods. The minaret with short and barrel-type body, built in the western corner of the monument on temple walls dates back to the Turkish Period. There are also mosaics, belonging to the period it was constructed.

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