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Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency carries out Technical and Financial Support Programs in accordance with the regulations made within the scope of Development Agencies Project and Activity Support Regulation dated 08.11.2006 and numbered 27048.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT PROGRAM (Training and Consultancy Support)

The Agency's activities of local administrations, especially in planning activities and implementation of regional plans and programs or increasing local capacity, of other public institutions and organizations, universities, vocational schools, research institutes, public sector professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, organized industrial zones, small industrial sites, , through the procurement of services by its own personnel or in compulsory cases for the activities of technoparks, technology development zones, industrial zones, business development centers, not-for-profit cooperatives and unions, and establishments or partnerships of the institutions and organizations listed above that will contribute to local and regional development; institutional support and capacity building technical support services such as providing training, contributing to the preparation of programs and projects, lobbying activities and establishing international relations.


1. Feasibility Support Program (Consultancy Service Procurement Support for Feasibility Preparation)

Exceptional type of support implemented by the Agency in order to mitigate some of the obligations of non-profit institutions / organizations regarding project preparation and to accelerate the project support process. Direct financial support is provided to the feasibility studies for the development of the TR63 Region and the utilization of important opportunities for the development of competitiveness, prevention of threats and risks to the regional economy, and development of innovation and entrepreneurial capacity of the region. Public Institutions and Organizations, Local Administrations, University Rectorships, Professional Institutions (Public Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, Chambers of Artisans and Craftsmen, Union of Professional Chambers and Exporters), Non-Governmental Organizations ), Organized Industrial Zones, Small Industrial Sites, Technoparks, Technology Development, Zones, Industrial Zones, Business Development Centers, Cooperatives and Associations are eligible applicants

2. Financial Support Programs through the Call for Proposals (Direct Grant Programs)

These are unrequited assistance provided by the Agency to certain projects and activities. Consists mainly of the support provided by the Agency in the form of programs by the method of call for proposals. Within the framework of the Regional Plan 2014-2023, programs can be launched at different times with the approval of the Board of Directors and the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Details of the programs are published with a guide during the announcement period. Programs can be addressed to public institutions or SMEs in the private sector. In the past, both public and private sector programs were announced on issues such as Tourism Infrastructure, Innovative and Sustainable Production, Increasing Exports, Reducing Intra-Regional Development Differences, Improving Greenhouse Production

3.Guided Project Support

Guided projects aim to provide direct support without applying the call for proposals; These are special model projects whose subject and conditions are determined under the leadership and direction of the agency in line with the priorities envisaged in the regional plan.


It is the support mechanism applied for social projects allocated a separate budget by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. The purpose of the program is in the provinces where it is implemented, To eliminate social problems caused by poverty, migration and urbanization by mobilizing local dynamics, respond to the needs of the changing social structure, to enable the disadvantaged sections of the society to participate more actively in economic and social life, to increase employability, to support social inclusion, social entrepreneurship and innovation, and to promote social responsibility practices.

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