Investment Support Office

Investment Support Offices, provides to investors; permits and licenses for investments, allocation of investment locations, incentive applications and other support mechanisms.

The investment support offices, which monitor the investments realized in the province where it operates, promote the business and investment opportunities in the province at national and international level. The investment support offices, which coordinate by supporting the investment, support and promotion activities to be realized in the province, also support the conduct of the Agency activities at the provincial level.

What does Investment Support Offices do?

  • Monitors the “permit and license transactions“ and other administrative works and transactions that fall under the duties and powers of the public institutions and organizations at the provincial level.
  • Carries out analysis, report and strategy studies regarding the business and investment environment of the province.
  • Makes inventory studies related to the business and investment environment of the province.
  • Provides information and guides investors
  • Cooperates with relevant institutions and organizations to improve the business and investment environment
  • Monitors investments in the province.
  • Promotes the business and investment environment of the city to attracts investors
  • Regarding state aids, carries out the works and transactions specified in the relevant legislation
  • Provides support for agency activities to be carried out at the provincial level
  • Are Transactions Free?
  • Transactions offered to investors in our investment support offices are free of charge

Which Services?

  • Production
  • Training
  • Transportation
  • Health
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Tourism
  • Mining

At above sectors environmental, human health, occupational safety and food transactions and the permits on investment location except mining exploration license are monitored and coordinated.

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