Socio-economic Status

Osmaniye is located in the fertile soils on the eastern bank of the Ceyhan River in the eastern Mediterranean Region, east of Çukurova. It is adjacent to Gaziantep in the east, Hatay in the south, Adana in the west and Kahramanmaraş in the north.

Although Osmaniye is suitable for agricultural production, stockbreeding and forestry with its geographical location and natural structure, economic activity is observed in many industrial sectors in the province with the effect of expanding industries in the surrounding provinces and the spread of incentive measures.

Osmaniye's economic structure has improved based on agriculture. In the beginning, agriculture was the leading sector of the economy due to both its geographical location and climate structure. With the pressure of the expanding industry in the surrounding provinces and the inclusion of Osmaniye as a priority priority for development, significant investments were made in various sectors. Iron and steel sector has taken a significant share from these investments. For this reason, iron and steel sector has become an important sector in Osmaniye province. The agriculture and food sector in some products has achieved the highest level of production in Turkey. Peanut processing from agriculture-based sectors and obtaining products with high added value from peanuts through product differentiation tend to develop in parallel with industrialization. The sectors that provide dynamism that shape the economy of Osmaniye in general; agriculture-based food industry, iron and steel and stone and soil-based industry sector.

The population of Osmaniye is 538.759. The annual population growth rate of Osmaniye is 8.10. Osmaniye Turkey is # 40 in terms of population size. 0.65% of Turkey's population lives in Osmaniye. Osmaniye is the 12th province with the highest population density of Turkey.

The report of Socio-Economic Development Index prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Development Agencies indicates that TR63 region ranks 19th among 26 regions on a regional basis, while Osmaniye ranks 54th on a provincial basis. In the same study, the province of Hatay is ranked 39th, while the other province of the region, Kahramanmaraş, is at the 58th place.

In the districts part of the study, Center district was the most developed district in the city, while Sumbas was the least developed district.

Central district take place as 190th of districts throughout Turkey while Sumbas is at 894th.


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