Osmaniye Investment Zones

Osmaniye Investment Zones

There are two organized industrial zones in Osmaniye, which are based at Toprakkale and Kadirli. 

Organized Industrial Zones In Osmaniye


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Osmaniye OIZ






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Kaynak: Osmaniye Directorate of Provincial Industry and Technology, 2019

Osmaniye OIZ: Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone, which is the locomotive of Osmaniye Industry, was established in 1994. Industrial Zone, currently covering 699 hectares and employing approximately ten thousand people in 139 plants has been growing and modernizing day by day as the center of attention of domestic and foreign investors with the power of its geographical location, infrastructure facilities and the incentives.  In the region, which is a mixed OIZ by structure, there are mainly Iron and Steel Industry and textile enterprises.

Electricity, natural gas and wastewater treatment infrastructure required for the enterprises operating in Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone are completed. A 7.5-Megawatt solar power plant was also implemented to meet the electricity need of the OIZ Directorate in areas outside the facilities.

The Osmaniye Technology Development Zone, which is currently under construction in the OIZ, aims to ensure university-industry cooperation and R&D studies in order to enable existing and new entrepreneurs to head for the value-added production and advanced technology by benefiting from incentives.

Osmaniye Customs Directorate, also located in the region, operates in the Class A status and is authorized for all kinds of import, export, transit and passenger transactions, except for transactions carried out by specialized customs.

As Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone primary goals are; to have industry to develop and contribute to the planned development of our city and our country, industrialists to produce as complementary to each other and encourage each other for their complementary products, to provide production efficiency and increase in profit, to prevent environmental pollution by establishing a healthy, reliable infrastructure and common social facilities with common treatment facilities.

Osmaniye OIZ will become more advantageous in terms of maritime and railway transportation with its ongoing logistics connection works. The region will be much closer to future Erzin Port, with 11 km of access road, which is under construction. In addition, the construction works of Osmaniye OIZ Railway Junction Line is continuing. This line will allow the railway transportation, which is very important for the industry, to enter into the Organized Industrial Zone.

Kadirli OIZ: Industrial Zone, currently covering 171 hectares and employing approximately 2.800 people was established in 1997. There are 30 companies operating in food, textile, machinery and metal sectors in Kadirli OIZ. The OIZ is 90 km from Adana Airport, 108 km to Kahramanmaraş Airport, 82 km from İsdemir Port and 100 km from İskenderun Port.

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